My great-grandparents sang adorable leftist propaganda

The Workers Have No Vote In Alabama, sung to the tune of The Monkeys Have No Tails In Zamboanga. Recorded by Alan Lomax in Trussville, Alabama, I think (at their kitchen table, with much bourbon, I was told) in 1937, or thereabouts.

My great-grandmother’s accent is the best thing. (She sounded like that even after she’d lived in California for forty years.)

And to complete the picture, Virginia Durr’s description of them, from her oral history:

But I did go to see Joe Gelders . . . and there he was, tall and thin and I thought he was a good looking fellow and he looked like a Jewish prophet, kind of beautiful blue eyes and with lovely manners. Then, he had this darling wife named Esther Gelders, who was Esther Frank and came from Montgomery. She was very lively and cute and very pretty and a typical kind of southern belle type, chatty and made you feel at home.

Ten years later, they looked like this:


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